Actual Votes and Advocacy by Council Member Sheri Gallo Supporting Neighborhoods

(Trust the Facts...not my Opponent's false claims)


Austin Oaks PUD Rezoning Case

CM Gallo has publicly said she supports the neighborhood association, NWACA, and will support their position on the Austin Oaks zoning case.

The Grove at Shoal Creek PUD Zoning Case 

Council Member Gallo voted to support the mediated agreement between the Bull Creek Road Coalition (BCRC) made up of representatives of 6 neighborhood associations and ARG, the property owner. Council Member Gallo made the motion for approval, which was seconded by Council Member Pool, and passed with an 8-0 vote of Council.

Champions Tract Rezoning Case

CM Gallo supported 7 neighborhood associations in the area surrounding this property who were opposed to the rezoning of the Champions Tract and voted against the approval of the zoning change.

Spicewood Springs Hotel Application

Council Member Gallo is strongly opposed to a large-scale development on the property at 6315 Spicewood Springs Road and will continue to do everything in her power to stop the development.She was able to convince the property owner, Mr. Kahn, to withdraw his current site plan application and start over by working with the surrounding neighborhoods on what would be appropriate for the property.

The Overlook at Spicewood Springs

Beginning in January 2015, Council Member Gallo worked with neighborhoods and HOAs to ensure their concerns were addressed as part of a re- zoning application.  CM Gallo was an advocate for making sure the scale of the proposed development was reduced and made professional office a conditional use during last year's zoning case This provided protection to surrounding neighbors by ensuring the site plan would be reviewed by the ZAP Commission while also providing an opportunity for neighbors to voice any additional concerns about the proposed site plan.

Ace Salvage Yard at Spicewood Springs and Yaupon

Council Member Gallo was the leader in helping the surrounding neighborhood negotiate for reduced density, height and uses for this tract which had a grandfathered site plan approved prior to being annexed into the city limits.


Sheri Gallo has been Addressing Critical Issues

Through Policy Decisions

 CONCENTRATE ON OUR TRAFFIC GRIDLOCK and continue to support policy decisions which will ease our traffic nightmare by adding roads,  improving our existing roads and intersections, synchronizing traffic lights, expanding our bus system and encouraging staggered work schedules.

REDUCE SPENDING of city dollars on downtown projects and SUPPORT spending on our neighborhoods.

PRIORITIZE SPENDING ON CORE SERVICES such as police, fire, EMS, replacing aging infrastructure, increasing wildfire protection, and improving neglected neighborhood parks and libraries.

FIGHT TO LOWER PROPERTY TAXES.  Support the multi-year phased in 20% permanent homestead exemption for property owners and  increase the homestead exemptions for seniors and our disabled community.

STOP RUNAWAY SPENDING BY OUR CITY GOVERNMENT. Sheri's policy decisions from the dais reflect her fiscal conservative view.



As a residential Realtor for the past 35 years, I've sold and leased homes to hundreds of Austin families.  I understand how important controlling affordability and protecting the character of our Austin neighborhoods are to maintaining our quality of life.” – Sheri Gallo


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