Thank you for allowing me to represent

District 10 on the Austin City Council

I was honored in January 2015 to take the oath of office to serve as the elected representative for District 10 on the Austin City Council. I have done my best to listen to my community, work hard, and make decisions that represent the best interests of both District 10 and the City of Austin as a whole. 


I would like to continue to represent District 10 for four more years on the Austin City Council, and I hope I have earned your support and your vote this November.


Five former Mayors

And one former Mayor Pro Tem

All live in District 10 and endorse Sheri Gallo

For Re-election to the Austin City Council


  (Shown in Photo from left to right)

Mayor Bruce Todd (1991-97), Mayor Lee Leffingwell (2009-15)

Mayor Frank C Cooksey (1985-88), Mayor Pro Tem Edgar Perry (1961-63)

Sheri Gallo, Candidate for Austin City Council District 10

Mayor Ron Mullen (1983-85), Mayor Lee Cooke (1988-91)




  • As a resident of District 10 for over 50 years, I have been involved as a successful businesswoman and civic leader throughout the Austin community. I am passionate about our wonderful city and the potential it has to continue to be the best place to live in our country.
  • I have witnessed the growth of Austin, experiencing both the benefits and the problems that have resulted from that growth.  I am constantly working on changing the priorities of our new city government, beginning with an emphasis on the needs of our neighborhoods, not the needs of downtown or tourists.
  •  With previous experience of leadership in the Austin business and non-profit community, I have the ability to make tough decisions and work with a very diverse Council. Our new Austin city government requires Council members who are leaders willing to work together, build consensus, problem solve in constructive ways, and make common sense decisions.
  • I believe that there should be less government, not more, and that our government should operate efficiently and spend our tax dollars wisely.  I am the voice on the Council that says we should take our time to deliberate about Austin's priorities and not rush into new spending plans.
  • I love Austin and want to continue to make sure that our kids and grandkids get to enjoy Austin at its best. 

The success of an elected official is the art of doing what everyone knows needs to be done.


My Commitment Continues to Be:

To listen and encourage conversations:

  • Holding Town Meetings in the District to connect our community.
  • Building relationships with Neighborhood Organizations. The District 10 office has attended over 100 neighborhood meetings and events.
  • Maintaining a District 10 website with information and format for citizen communication.
  • Publishing a weekly District 10 newsletter which has more than 8,000 subscribers.
  • Selecting my 43 City of Austin Board & Commission appointments from only District 10 residents.

To make decisions based on asking the following questions:

  • Is it reasonable?
  • Is it responsible?
  • Is it cost effective?

To focus on:

  • Transportation solutions that improve roads, intersections, bus systems, and traffic light synchronization
  • Affordability and controlling taxes through budget and spending restraint
  • Decreasing utility rates and not punishing those who make an effort to conserve
  • Drought and wildfire issues in our neighborhoods
  • Effective core city services: police, fire, EMS, maintaining neighborhood parks and libraries, adding sidewalks
  • Improvements to our aging infrastructure
  • Economic development plans which direct more attention to helping local businesses grow
  • Transparent government decisions and spending
  • Encouraging the Council to work more efficiently by focusing on setting policies for the City and requiring the City Manager to be responsible for carrying out the policies


How To Contact Me


Phone:  512 695-2331

Mailing:  PO Box 26801, Austin, TX 78755


Where is District 10?

With a handful of exceptions…

  • The north boundary is 183
  • The east boundary is Mopac (except it does also include Highland Park Court, Rosedale, Oakmont Heights & Brykerwoods)
  • The west boundary is just south of 620
  • The south boundary is Lady Bird Lake and Lake Austin
  • Davenport, St Stephens area, and Westlake areas in the Austin City limits

For more specific information and to look for your street, click on this Austin District map 

Sheri Gallo - Austin City Council District 10